Faraday Porteur.

The amazing Faraday Porteur is the ultimate electric propelled utility bicycle – the first electric bicycle built by, and for, cyclists.

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Greg Lamarche’s work is predominantly collage and his background in graffiti is evident throughout his bold and colorful compositions.

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It’s Electric.

Tesla Motors
unveiled its latest one-of-a-kind vehicle, the highly anticipated
Model X. Blending the best of an SUV with the benefits of a minivan, Model X features unique falcon wing rear doors and optional dual motor, all-wheel drive. Wow!
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One Shot.

Pittsburgh’s Charles “Teenie” Harris loved taking photographs, and did so with such ease he was given the nickname “One Shot.”

Opening last October, the renowned Carnegie Museum of Art is presenting a groundbreaking retrospective of the hometown artist’s work ” in “Teenie” Harris, Photographer: An American Story. Open through April 7, 2012, the exhibition features 987 of Harris’s most beautiful, appealing, and historically significant images. Beginning this month, a smaller-scale version of the exhibit will go on national tour.

View the amazing collection on the museums’s Teenie” Harris Exhibition microsite.

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Film Title.

The opening title sequence for the documentary Editorial Bruguera beautifully references old lithographic film overlays.

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Water Bottle.

Retap has designed a Reddot award-winning, minimal, co-friendly bottle that is especially designed for drinking tap water.

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Break Down.

For his series Disassembly, Todd McLellan photographs old items that are no longer used by the masses and often found on the street curbs heading for disposal.

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Wide Angle.

I discovered Jeff Chien-Hsing Liao‘s work while doing research for a project. Utilizing multiple exposures his large-scale, panoramic photos beautifully capture the details of the urban life in New York City. View his work at the Julie Saul Gallery.

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Layered Meaning.

Cecil Touchon assembles collages of distressed street posters then “paints a picture” of these papiers collés using painstaking trompe l’oeil techniques. The result is beautiful, rhythmic, type-driven and extremely thorough.

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Found Here.

Collector Mark Payne has made his repository of vintage slides–mostly European locations post 1960– available for viewing and download at A Second-Hand Life.

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Olaf Hajek‘s is one of the world’s most successful illustrators. His colorful work is infused with a folkloric naiveté and freshness and can be seen in works for clients  such as Apple, United Airlines, The New Yorker, The New York Times, Nike, Forbes, Wall Street Journal, Architectural Digest, GQ and Volkswagen.

His current solo exhibition, “Dark Clouds,” is on view through April 11 at Whatftheworld Gallery in Cape Town, South Africa. The blog, Freunde von Freunden features an interview and images of apartment/atelier.  His debut monograph, Flowerhead, was just released and presents an extensive collection of his commercial work as well as personal art that he created exclusively for the book.



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Version, a Dub inspired set to celebrate the warm weather “weh soon come”. The image of Ochi courtesy of photographer Konstantin Sergeyev, from his energetic and colorful Flickr collections.

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Nelson, Coupland and Alice.

Learn about design and innovation consultancy IDEO’s vision for the future of the book. Nelson, Coupland, and Alice introduce the concepts of connecting readers, shared experiences and building communities around books.

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Ink Dropper.


These images by graphic designer and illustrator Alberto Seveso are created by taking high-speed photographs of ink mixing with water. These images are also available for download as desktop wallpapers.

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Surreal Estate.


In Filip Dujardin‘s Fictions series, he has taken photographs of nondescript buildings and remixes them using Photoshop to create surrealist structures.

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Design Solution.

Peter Lawrence, chairman and founder of Corporate Design Foundation, discusses the business world’s views of design, how business schools are incorporating design thinking and why businesses should, “put design in the DNA of the company.”

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Look Hear.


The JAMBOX is another beautiful product created by fuseproject and Jambone. Both a wireless speaker and speakerphone it connects all of your audio devices and allows you to seamlessly stream and share music, movies, games, phone and conference calls.

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Square One.


Have a Happy Prosperous New Year!

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Take Note.

My latest obsession is my Moleskine notebook. Though I’ve kept a journal for work, it’s been so long since I used a sketchbook that I look forward to filling it.

The favorite of artists and thinkers for over a century, the legendary book was produced by a family-owned French press until 1986. Revived by a Milanese publisher in 1997, the nameless book was branded as “Moleskine” after the name given to them in the fictional work of Bruce Chatwin.

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Upon Chance.

I love to work with found imagery and I really like what Sebastiaan Bremer is doing with these found photographs. By drawing and layering things on top of it you get the sense of looking through it. Especially when you look at a picture that has many details.

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